Email Your Message with inJesus

inJesus.com is backed by the power of the Net Atlantic platform, an industry leader in Email Marketing.
Our Professional Email Marketing Suite includes:

  • Easy-to-use web-based (SaaS) application
  • Content creation tools for professional mailings
  • Tracking opens and click-throughs
  • Detailed, customized reporting
  • Automated bounce management

We also provide you with pre-built templates, so you can quickly create and send eye-catching HTML marketing emails. Create your email content yourself or use our custom template design service.

Features & Benefits
Creating and sending emails, tracking email campaign results, and gauging the success of your email marketing efforts is easy with our Professional Email Marketing Suite. This now includes HTML email templates and HDI-certified technical support.

  • Manage your list by adding and removing subscribers and creating extra administrators
  • Schedule and send multiple email campaigns at your convenience for one monthly fee
  • Use our free, industry-focused HTML email templates or upload your own
  • Segment your message based on demographics for better results
  • Track and measure results with real-time comprehensive reporting
  • Create content with an HTML editor and review it with a spam analysis tool
  • Use the built-in survey tool to poll your audience

The inJesus – Net Atlantic Advantage

  • Unlimited, HDI-certified technical support by phone, email, or live chat
  • Compliance expertise
  • Solid sender relationships with major ISPs
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Tier 4 world class data center
  • Real service, honest pricing, actual people

Best-in-Class Performance Reporting
Evaluate what is effective, increase response and drive return on investment by tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns in real-time. Preview your results with easy-to-view dashboards or analyze in depth data with powerful reporting.
Measure the success of your email campaigns with:

  • Results and trends dashboard
  • Pre-built and customizable reports
  • Individual member reports
  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Clickthrough and clickstream tracking
  • HTML open detection
  • Real-time mail queue analysis
  • Refer-a-Friend functionality and tracking
  • Forward tracking
  • Engagement statistics
  • Detailed delivery and unsubscribe reporting

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