Prophet's Journal - Glorious Spontaneity!

Posted Sep 26th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

The Truth is a mighty force. It is absolutely unstoppable. It will never be blocked. When all is said and done it will have its full expression. The Truth lives in us to make us that expression. We are set free by the knowledge of the Truth to live every moment in Glorious Spontaneity!
(John 8:32).
I am self contained
And spontaneous
My light speaks
My light sees
There is no ‘me’
To block the flow
Watch me go
Like a river’s current
Totally spent
In glorious expression
No suppression
Just gushing

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Prophet's Journal - Our Faithful And True

Posted Sep 25th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

We are called to seek those things which are above, where Christ is seated on the right hand of God. We must learn to set our affections on things above, not on things on the earth. (Col. 3:1-2). This is an extremely simplistic view which is only seen through eyes of faith that have learned what it means to actually just let our future unfold as we simply look to Our Faithful And True.
Faithful and True

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Prophet's Journal - Faithful And True

Posted Sep 24th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is One Who has promised to come to those who love His appearing. We must ask ourselves what we are hoping in? What are we waiting for? Who are we looking to? Circumstances come and go with a lot of chaos and insecurity. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to quicken our faith so we can bypass the confusion by placing our hope fully in seeing the only One Who is Faithful And True. (2 Tim. 1: 9-10; 1 Peter...

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Prophet's Journal - All About Eternity

Posted Sep 23rd, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

The Lamb of God was slain from the creation of the world and is the only one worthy to disclose all mysteries and unfolding destinies hidden in books and seals. (Rev. 5:2; 13:8). Indeed, our lives are hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). The only place where we can discover the real purpose for our life is to inquire at the cross of Calvary, where it is All About Eternity.
What is it
That you desire to see?
That you...

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Prophet's Journal - Thy Kingdom Come!

Posted Sep 22nd, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Genuine faith gives us a whole new view of what is actually happening and what is ahead. Based upon our hearing the Word of God, faith arises to enlarge our hearts for greater Kingdom capacity. We are enabled to see God’s eternal purpose being acted out even when the atmosphere is filled with darkness. We become part of God’s end time army with vision to march forward with shouts of “Thy Kingdom Come!”
Kingdom march
Forward march
Kingdom march
Forward march

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Prophet's Journal - Your Likeness

Posted Sep 21st, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Ultimate warfare in the spirit involves a deep submission to God which is arrived at only through a series of fiery trials that teach our hands to war. (Ja. 4:4-7; 1Pt. 5:8-10; Psa. 144:1) This is a requirement for anyone who is dissatisfied with the ways of the world and is asking the Lord to be awakened and to be satisfied only with Your Likeness. (Psa. 17:15).
I ask to be
Completely satisfied
With Your likeness
When I awake
I would forsake
Anything that steals

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Prophet's Journal - Golden Harvest

Posted Sep 19th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Isaiah 60 talks about a time when gross darkness will cover the people of the earth. It is during this very time that God’s people will arise and shine with the glory of the Lord and those lost in this thick darkness will be drawn to the brightness of our rising. The darkness is God’s instrument of judgment to teach people true righteousness, causing them to turn from their evil ways and become the last days Golden Harvest.
Thank You

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Prophet's Journal - The Finishing Touch

Posted Sep 18th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

As Jesus hung on the cross, He knew “that everything had now been finished.” He asked for a drink and then declared, “It is finished” and bowed his head and gave up His spirit. (Jn. 19: 28-30). Through His death and resurrection, Jesus defeated death, hell, and the grave once and for all. He is now the manifestation of all the Names of God and will soon be showing Himself in and through His people in a glorious display of...

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Prophet's Journal - Discovering Him

Posted Sep 17th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

After many twists and turns, trials and testing, David finally arrived at one single desire. He says, “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.” (Psa. 27:4). May we join David in understanding and knowing that the only thing needed is a heart of desire...

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Prophet's Journal - I Let Go

Posted Sep 16th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

The Lord is inviting us into His deep, secret, hidden place of trust. May this poem help us to respond with faith’s answer to all temptations to fear. May the depths of God’s love give us the courage in every trying circumstance to say, “I Let Go.”
(Psa. 17: 7-8; Pro. 3:5; Jn. 14:27)
I let not
My heart be troubled
I lean not
To my own understanding
I let not
My heart be afraid
I trust You
In all my ways
I am weak
I am frail
I prevail

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Prophet's Journal - WOKE Up!

Posted Sep 12th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

We are either dressed in love or dressed in fear. Perfect love casts out fear (1Jn. 4:18). Fear is rooted in death and subjects us to bondage all our lives in all our ways. Fortunately, Jesus partook of flesh and blood, “so that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives.” (Heb. 2:14-15). We must...

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Prophet's Journal - Nine One One

Posted Sep 11th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

This word was written soon after the tragedy that struck our nation 20 years ago. It stands as a testimony and continual reminder, in the light of our current circumstances, that our merciful God brings judgment to bear to teach us righteousness.(Isa. 26:9). Mercy always triumphs over judgment as we learn and turn. (Ja. 2:13). What have we learned?
Nine One One
(Lets Get Real)
That which is before us is a sign for the seeing. There is much to be known from...

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Prophet's Journal - Dominion Regained

Posted Sep 10th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

As the spirit of Jezebel runs rampant over the earth, the spirit of Elijah is rising up to confront her false authority. As lying prophets of all sorts (inside the church and society) flaunt their ego driven agendas, we are about to find out who is really God. The Worthy One is laughing at these dark ploys, coming from the rebellious and controlling spirit of Jezebel. They are being called out into the open by the true spirit of prophecy...

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Prophet's Journal - We See Jesus

Posted Sep 9th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Are we forced by fear or led by love in the decisions we make? It depends on where we are looking. Naturally we are in bondage to the fear of death as everything is seen through the lens of corrupted flesh and blood. Supernaturally we are released from death’s perspective through the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The devil is defeated and the power of death is eradicated. We are set free to choose fearlessly because We See Jesus. (Heb....

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Prophet's Journal - Simply Worshiping

Posted Sep 8th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

There is a burning flame of jealous love that is ready to consume our very being. It is the flashing flame of our Consuming Fire just waiting for us to present our bodies a living sacrifice on the altar of His love. (S.S. 8:6; Rm. 12:1); Heb. 12: 28-29). This is a rapturous delight that defines our very existence as we recognize Who He is by Simply Worshiping.
All my fountains
Are in You
I worship in Spirit
I worship in truth

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