FOLLOWING THE WILD GOOSE -an geahd-glas -IT'S TIME  Kathie Walters


Being so involved for years with the Celtic nations - taking many people to Ireland and Scotland I would often see wild geese flying, and I could hear that honking sound they make.


My spiritual dad, Bob Jones, used to say the geese “honked in the heavens” He said they were better watch dogs than watch dogs, when it comes to guarding property and territory. IT'S TIME


Many intercessors are like them (the geese).

It was said that the early Celtic Christians referred to the Holy Spirit as the “Wild Goose” (“an geadh-glas”). In Gaelic that means “the goose grey.”

If you’re not sure what “Celtic” means, the Celtic nations are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, West of England, part of France, Britain, and Isle of Man. The Celts originally came from Galatia and settled in those lands).


The dove was considered a tame bird – but Andy Raine, a friend of mine who belongs to the Northumbrian community on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) explained why the Wild Goose was so adopted by the Celtic Christians. There was such a boldness anointing among the early Celtic Christians. I have written about St Patrick, Brigid, Brendan, Cuthbert, Columba and many others .

“Historically, the wild goose would have been a symbol of war-likeness. IT'S TIME


“The other characteristic of wild geese in flight is that they fly in an arrow formation. When the lead bird is tiring it falls back into the ranks and another takes its place as the pace-setter. If any are tired or sick, and should need to rest the others wait, and even if they do set off again, they will not leave the straggler behind on its own, but one or more will stay to fly with it when it’s able to follow.”


So the geese are in many ways, like a small army. And the boldness and wildness that can’t be contained is very present. I saw the anointing like the Wild Goose flow over Canada and down into the USA. There are many wonderful ministries in the world that are unknown, but will soon be soaring


God is raising up people in this move - 

They will carry the wild goose anointing. It will flow across the places where there have been barriers - across the Niagara where water spirits have sat and created a barrier in the Spirit, and from Quebec and Vancouver. A strong Wild Goose, an gaehd-glas, anointing will flow between Canada and USA and Wales and the rest of UK.


A LOT OF CHRISTIANS ABANDON THEIR BOLDNESS BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF BEING CALLED RACIST OR SOME TERM OF DIVISION, and certainly that has been used to tame people—and keep them caged in some places. “Don’t rattle the cage. Don’t rock the boat. Everyone is in place to support my ministry,” has been thinking of many ministers.


If you are Spirit led, you will be unpredictable – that’s not unreliable and stupid – but you are open to be led but the Holy Spirit, an geadh-glas, The Wild Goose.


A good friend of mine has spent his life being led by the Wild Goose. Arthur Burt who lived in Wales—and died at 102 always expected to see the heavens opened, and the power of God to descend on the saved and unsaved alike.

Arthur lived in Wales, and one time his wife sent him to get some potatoes from the store in town, but on the way home, the Holy Spirit told him to go to Ethiopia—He dropped the potatoes back at the house like a good husband should, but then he took off to Heathrow Airport, and got the next flight to Addis Ababa. It’s a wonderful story but Arthur ended up giving a powerful and life saving word of the Lord to a missionary family there-then he left and returned to the UK. I don’t think he was there for more than three days.


Someone emailed me the other day. The lady said they had a wonderful move of the Spirit in her church last Sunday evening. God showed up- He took over and she said it was marvelous. Afterwards the pastor said, “Well we can’t have too much of this, just occasionally is OK.”


A friend of mine who pastored a great church Ohio – would have moves of the Spirit- but then he would say, “This is great, but we must return to normal.” What a shame. I think God’s going to be wanting His church back soon.

There is something in you that wants to fly and to soar and have adventures. I often say, “We only have one life to live down here, you may as well have some fun and adventures.” IT'S TIME The Holy Spirit is searching for you.


The Bibles says, “They that know their God will be strong and do exploits.” Well no one is going to do any exploits or anything else if every time they start to move out someone stops them and puts them back in the cage.


My husband, David, has a powerful revival anointing. We’ve helped raise up churches and pastored churches, but you know you have to KNOW the, a geadh-glas very well to allow Him to do what He wants to do. Our job as leaders is to teach people to hear from God for themselves, not try and be God for the people.


Many leaders, although they say they want revival,  are nervous of God taking over- that’s because they don't know the Holy Spirit well enough to trust Him completely.


Sometimes – well a lot of times, you don’t understand everything that is happening, but it’s OK when you know the Wild Goose is in control, and He is steering the ship. It’s not your ship anyway- It’s His ship. If it becomes your ship, I can promise you one thing- trouble.


I was not going to write like this, but the anointing is very strong- you will feel it I am sure- I smell an aroma like the ocean, like the sea. To me that means journeys.


The Peregrini, (Peregrini means traveler or pilgrim) in the 5th-6th century in Ireland would come from the monasteries and get into a small boat off the shores of Ireland. They had no oars and they had no rudder, They released their faith and BELIEVED God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. Brendan the navigator, and others had amazing adventures with God.

(See my book Celtic Flames on my website)


If we all are in the place God has placed us, we only make the flight easier. If one gets weary, then others will go take the them some encouragement and wait with them. No one has to fly alone.

The Wild Goose cannot be chained – it fights.


I wonder how many churches there are that prevent people from being risk-takers? If you start to move out in faith then you automatically move out of your comfort zone. If you begin to follow the Wild Goose you will be out of your natural comfort zone. But inside you know there is something that cannot be contained. You long for flight and freedom. You get on fire, but there are fire trucks all around to put out the fire as quickly as possible – Maybe that’s what’s being released—a rising up to follow the Wild Goose (an geadh-glas). IT'S TIME


Follow the an geadh-glas and have supernatural adventures.

“What if I make a mistake?” you may ask. Well have another go. I don’t know anyone whose never made a mistake, do you?

This song is by the band, Iona. “Looking for the Wild Goose”:

“Here I stand and, looking out to sea

where a thousand souls have prayed

and a thousand lives were laid on the sand,

Years have passed since they have died,

but the Word shall last

and the Wild Goose shall fly,

Here I stand, looking out to sea,

and I say a prayer

that the Wild Goose will come to me.”


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