Jesus promises us a peace that surpasses our understanding. He says, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27). This peace comes to us in the Person of the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost (v. 26). This is the reality of Christ in us. As we learn to give Him place, He comes in His quietness and stillness, calming our souls as He fills us with His Unfolding Transcendence.
Transcendent One
Come in
Everlasting One
Come in
Ancient of days
Reveal Your ways
I am still
I am quiet
So I can know
Who You are
So far
Beyond earthly noise
I crave Your voice
Gentle and pure
No mixture
Of my own understanding
I’m just waiting
Like the dew drop
Yielded to fullness
I am formed
With no effort
To be anything
To go anywhere
I am there
My destiny clear
I can hear
Your voice
Singing my choice
So simple
So easy
So light
So bright
I just am
A loved man
I understand
Who You are
A star
A leaf
A bird
A word
Living everywhere
Holding the atmosphere
In Your arms
Never alarmed
You speak peace
That surpasses
That is everlasting
Beyond gates and doors
That have been closed
Beyond what I know
In natural light
Beyond limited sight
Beyond comprehension
Amidst earthly tensions
Captive apprehensions
Of the mind
Looking for release
Longing for peace
Lost simplicity
Languishing empty
Knowing too much
About endless possibilities
Trying to find ’me’
Planning and scheming
To satisfy dreaming
In the wrong realm
Can’t see eternity
In a tree
Or a squirrel
Or a train whistle
Can’t listen
To faith’s dance
Lost romance
With transcendence
Coming through
All things new
In pure light
Peace and quiet
Confidence and strength
Knowing Him
Letting Him in
As you wait
As you contemplate
He will appear
You will hear
The whispered sound
All around
Grace will abound
In all you see
You’ll recognize eternity
In the simple things
Coming from afar
Saying you are
By the Transcendent One
Your work is done
You can quit trying
Listen for the bird
Hear his word
Straight from heaven
Filling your atmosphere
Incline your ear
To amazing grace
In every place
Slow your pace
Let peace embrace
Your anxious soul
Let transcendence unfold
Woody Winchell


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