Spiritual Warfare In Heavenly Places Ephesians 3:10
By:  Cathy Hargett
September 4, 2021
After three days of trying to write an article to share with you about my experiences with Covid and what I believe is revelation from the Lord, I finally, in exasperation, just gave up.  I couldn’t seem to express what was being stirred inside of me, even after at least four drafts of effort. Then, last night, as I crawled into bed, I found myself feverishly writing down on scrap pieces of paper the article that I am sharing with you now. 
I pray, dear Father, that you will guard my heart and the hearts of my friends, as I write and they read, this article.  I pray that the revelation You have for us will come forth in our spirits even when my words are not clear or articulate.
Many people who haven’t gotten the physical illness of Covid have been infected with the spiritual/mental/psychological illness of Covid.  It is running rampant throughout the planet.  Covid is an end-times demonic host to multiple spirits, not just one spirit. The spirit of Covid is “legion”. There are many demonic spirits rolled up into this “host” called Covid.
It is a complex and deceptive demonic host of spirits, and the truth that is being exposed is that what we are experiencing is much less about a health crisis and much more about a spiritual crisis. The spirit of Covid is a demonic host spirit that first became visible on earth as it manifested as a physical disease, but now it has morphed, and is the primary host for other demonic spirits that have spawned from it and remain connected to it, much like the “variants” of the physical disease. 
It is becoming clearer that these multiple spirits being hosted by Covid are spirits affecting many dimensions.  We see it operating everywhere -  in governments in the form of oppression and evil rulings; in the individual peoples of the nations in the form of hostility and hatred of each other, both among believers and unbelievers; in institutions of every kind – medical, educational, financial, religious, political; in cultural chaos in the form of perversions of every kind; in the spirit of murder, with the murder of the innocents; in pervasive personal attacks on individuals resulting in paranoia/hysteria/massive fear/anxiety/insanity, etc.
It’s not that these demonic spirits have never existed before, because they have, but what makes this growing list of demons unique is that they are all tied to the end-times demonic host called Covid. It won’t be the last demonic host, as we are in the beginning of the birth pangs of the last days.
The spirit of fear, one of the demonic spirits hosted by Covid, has paralyzed minds and hearts.  Even with a published rate of recovery from this disease of 98-99%, a stat that has not changed since the beginning, the fear of getting it (or as I experienced personally, the fear of “giving” it) is massively out of proportion to the effect of it on most people. This truth is in no way meant to make light of the devastating reality that many have died from this disease. We all grieve with all our hearts over the loss of friends, family and others throughout the world. Many of us have prayed with fervency through the watches of the night for dear ones struggling with this disease. Even now, at this moment, I am praying for two friends who are battling the disease while in the hospital.
But, friends, even when attacked by spirits of fear, we must embrace the truth and hold it fast.  Those who are in Yeshua are on His timeline. We will not leave this planet until He decides.  Our times are in His hands. No one can snatch us out of His hand. We can trust the timing of the Lord. I am grieved that sin came into the world and that man no longer lives in immortal life in the Garden of Eden. I am sad that anyone gets infected or dies from Covid, just as I am sad about any person who dies for any reason.  But this is the way of life on planet earth that began with the rebellion in the Garden. We are mortal beings.  We will all die of something unless Yeshua returns before we die a physical death. He said we must not be afraid.
The demonic host of Covid is a sign of the times before Yeshua returns. Because of my skepticism and extreme loss of confidence and trust in the words of authorities and institutions, I have been less affected by media hysteria, and I have perhaps been less fearful of Covid than many other people. But after contracting the physical illness part of Covid, I also experienced an unexpected demonic sense of fear and anxiety that was totally sinister, and I learned some firsthand lessons because of it. 
I realized when, at about the mid-point of my physical illness with Covid, that I was totally impotent to fight, in my own strength, this spiritual and mental attack that was coming against me. The Lord answered my prayers for help (and I am grateful for others who were also praying for me). The Lord continually came to my aid as I cried out for help in the weakest, faintest, most vulnerable voice.  I think then I began to understand that He was showing me something extremely profound about what we are dealing with and how much more powerful He is than it is. During the darkest attacks on my mind, I had the sense, even while it was happening, that this is something very different than I have ever experienced.  It’s ominous, dark, foreboding, and it wants me to go totally insane or to kill me.
The tools and weapons He gave me and reminded me of are just so simple - the basics of being His follower.  They are powerful weapons, even though they may not look like it on the face of it - no need for screaming, hollering, demanding, decreeing, just an intentional, persistent application of the truth over my mind and then speaking it out into the atmosphere as Yeshua Himself, by the Holy Spirit, showed me how. He was showing me that even the smallest weapon of His Spirit overcomes the darkness.  Think David and Goliath.
Yeshua began to lead me through the simplest exercises of faith – like meditating on the Word, singing and worshiping in the dark night watches on my bed, praying in the Name of Yeshua, speaking His Name out loud into the darkness.  And He delivered me from my enemies.  But it was a sobering experience and I do not boast of anything except His strength in my weakness. I had the sense that He was allowing me to experience this for His purposes. I also know that what I experienced was nowhere near what many others have experienced and that He just allowed me to barely glimpse it.  And I was tormented at just a glimpse. The spiritual/mental attack stopped almost as suddenly as it started after about four days of battle. I know He was teaching me, equipping me, showing me that He has prepared me, and all of us who follow Him, for these end-time battles.
From talking with others, I don’t think everyone has the spiritual/mental attack while dealing with the physical. But I do believe many have the spiritual/mental attack without the physical. If we were to try to measure the number of “infections” of a spiritual/mental nature that exist on the planet right now, it would far exceed the physical counts. Friends, He has equipped us with everything we need. We might not look very graceful wielding our weapons, but He has not left us to fend for ourselves.
The outcome each of us will experience when dealing with this host of demonic Covid spirits could be different in terms of what happens in the natural.  Some will deal with physical illness.  Some will deal with spiritual/mental attacks.  Some will deal with multiples of these.  And some will remain on the earth, physically and mentally healed, and some will go to Glory, but I believe all of us are experiencing some level of the spiritual/mental demonic attack right now if we are any threat to the kingdom of darkness at all.  That’s the reason I believe He directed me to write this testimony out and to share it.
So, while the form of spiritual attack could be different, what is the same is this – we are believers in Yeshua haMashiach. He lives inside of us. Nobody and nothing is more powerful than He is. We have nothing to fear, no matter what, whether we live or die. This is the truth, and we must embrace it.  When the evil attacks of the end-time battles come, we must know how to stand, to at least have a clue how to begin to stand, and then trust Him to propel us through whatever is our destiny.
We must remember the weapons He gave us. Above all else, we must humble ourselves before Elohim, submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from us. Yeshua will soon crush satan under our feet. I am saying this in terms of an eternal perspective.
I don’t know how long this particular demonic host will torment the people of this earth, but I do know we are dealing with end-of-the-age spirits.  We cannot face them without Yeshua taking over – His strength made perfect in our weakness.
This could be one of the finest hours for us as followers of the one true God, the God of Israel – Abba, Yeshua, and the Ruach haKodesh. Be glorified, holy God and King. What are we to do with this revelation?  The truth is that we don’t have to face the enemy by ourselves.  Yeshua is with us. Whatever comes against us, we are victorious in Him. We are to do our part as citizens of His eternal Kingdom.
“But thanks be to God, who keeps giving us the victory through our Lord Yeshua the Messiah!”
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Cathy Hargett
Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.


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