The Lord is inviting us into His deep, secret, hidden place of trust. May this poem help us to respond with faith’s answer to all temptations to fear. May the depths of God’s love give us the courage in every trying circumstance to say, “I Let Go.”
(Psa. 17: 7-8; Pro. 3:5; Jn. 14:27)
I let not
My heart be troubled
I lean not
To my own understanding
I let not
My heart be afraid
I trust You
In all my ways
I am weak
I am frail
I prevail
In grief
I am released
From worldly cares
Knowing You are there
The way prepared
By love
I am above
Not below
Not worried
Not anxious
Letting You guide
Letting You provide
I abide
Deep inside
Your safety
Under Your wings
I sing
I may cry
I may sigh
While I hide
In love’s wounds
I let You
Correct me
Redirect me
Awaken me
To possibilities
Way beyond me
Birthed from eternity
Letting me see
Faith’s reality
Christ in me
The hope of glory
No longer limited
To meager mindsets
I don’t let
Fear inside
Capturing my mind
I let faith arise
I find my life
Hidden secretly
Under love’s canopy
Setting me free
To let it be
Trusting deeply
Resting quietly
Simply believing
From love’s domain
Letting You in
I quit worrying
I quit hurrying
I quit leaning
On my own understanding
I quit demanding
To be in control
I just roll
Letting love flow
I let go
Woody Winchell


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