After many twists and turns, trials and testing, David finally arrived at one single desire. He says, “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.” (Psa. 27:4). May we join David in understanding and knowing that the only thing needed is a heart of desire that is set on Discovering Him.
It’s not
What I know
What I understand
It’s Who I know
Who I understand
It’s love’s hand
Flowing Reality
For my discovery
Of all things new
Out unto
The wild blue
Discovering Truth
Where I am held
By gentleness
Where I am caressed
Where grace is endless
Where Peace lives
Inviting my soul
Come up here
Where air is clear
Leave your atmosphere
Of doubt and fear
The door is open
To discover heaven
So drop your limits
Forsake your gimmicks
In shadows dark
Come and embark
On faith’s journey
Discovering mysteries
Hidden for you
In plain sight
Just open your eyes
Surprise! Surprise!
The bluest skies
Room so wide
You are not confined
To your reasoning
Love is appearing
You are hearing
New sounds
Wonder abounds!
New birth!
Heaven on earth!
Penetrating your being
Clearest seeing
You are discovering
All that’s prepared
That’s already there
Waiting to be known
Waiting to be shown
To seeking hearts
The hungry and thirsty
Craving eternity
Not satisfied below
With all they know
Desiring more
Of love’s fullness
Of unspeakable kindness
To heal blindness
To see the limitless
Wild blue yonder
Hearts that ponder
Until grace appears
Listening ears
Eager to hear
Messages from above
The power of love
To raise a soul
From false control
To absolute liberty
Resurrection’s discovery
You are free!
Death has no power
Fear is a liar
You are higher
Than earthly thoughts
You’ve been bought
With precious blood
Come renew your mind
See what you’ll find
With your whole heart
Let the journey start
The path is prepared
It’s unimaginable there
Sit in faith’s chair
And contemplate
Just wait
With The Word
Whispers never heard
Just for you
Revealing Who
You must know
Who to understand
Taking love’s hand
Discovering New Lands
The Wild Blue
Awaits you
Spirit and Truth
Are your keys
Unlocking eternity
Right here and now
As we bow
In holy worship
Discovering our Purpose
Woody Winchell


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