Isaiah 60 talks about a time when gross darkness will cover the people of the earth. It is during this very time that God’s people will arise and shine with the glory of the Lord and those lost in this thick darkness will be drawn to the brightness of our rising. The darkness is God’s instrument of judgment to teach people true righteousness, causing them to turn from their evil ways and become the last days Golden Harvest.
Thank You
For the golden
Harvest of souls
For making men whole
By Your mercy
For making them thirsty
Through harsh miles
Loving trials
Designed to awake
The need to slake
Intense evil
To reveal
Hidden motives
Under fleshy sweat
Longing to be refreshed
From weighty arrogance
That has taken over
From undercover
Pretended righteousness
Disguised as goodness
Fomenting lies
Rebellion’s cultivation
Overtaking a nation
Extreme agitation
Of hardened soil
Where nothing grows
But discontent
Rooted in arrogance
The earth can’t stand it
Mass corruption
Inciting an eruption
In the land
In man
Shaking and quaking
For end time rearranging
Of wicked formations
Shifting a nation
Off false foundations
All things shaken
For utter removal
Of man’s approval
Of empty opinions
Seeking dominion
Down they come
Roots and all
The great fall
Of lofty towers
Hours upon hours
Of faulty construction
Gone in an instant
The grace of judgment
Collapsing arrogance
To bring repentance
To soften men’s hearts
Realizing who they are
Apart from God
Mere sod
Withering from thirst
Putting self first
They are burnt
Unless they turn
Amongst the shaking
No longer forsaking
The One True Foundation
Healer of nations
Preparing the field
For abundant yield
Of lost souls
Who come home
After squandering inheritance
On evil’s dance
They see their chance
Mercy is waiting
Grace is anticipating
Their return
They have learned
Through toilsome miles
In great fatigue
Who is the enemy
Hiding secretly
Within each heart
They depart
Riotous living
Humbly receiving
Your redemption
You welcome them
With open arms
No questions asked
They are Yours
They flood Your doors
Arrogant no more
Meek and honest
Your Golden Harvest
Woody Winchell


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