Ultimate warfare in the spirit involves a deep submission to God which is arrived at only through a series of fiery trials that teach our hands to war. (Ja. 4:4-7; 1Pt. 5:8-10; Psa. 144:1) This is a requirement for anyone who is dissatisfied with the ways of the world and is asking the Lord to be awakened and to be satisfied only with Your Likeness. (Psa. 17:15).
I ask to be
Completely satisfied
With Your likeness
When I awake
I would forsake
Anything that steals
My affections
In wayward directions
Looking for perfection
Outside of You
I need You
To teach my hands
To war
Against corrupt desires
Take me through
The fire
So I can learn
To be content
With Your essence
Knowing Your presence
Every thought in captivity
Flowing and free
In joyful liberty
Not trying to impress
With false confidence
Losing my rest
From simple trust
I must wait
I must awake
With Your simplicity
With Your beauty
With one desire
To please You
To possess You
To acquiesce You
As my own
Bowing at Your throne
Learning grace alone
I must war
Against principalities
Attacking my mind
I must be guarded
I must be trained
Renewing my thinking
From casual resistance
To conquering offense
Tearing down strongholds
By holy submission
Actively trusting
In Your likeness
Take me through
The fiery trials
Hone my skills
For great precision
In battle decisions
I need understanding
Of the perilous fight
Of the enemy’s might
Of the danger ahead
So I am ready
My eyes open
Continually scoping
For subtle attacks
From beguiling tricks
Of false promises
Luring my attention
Away from You
A complicated view
Of worldly thoughts
Demanding disobedience
To find significance
In utter emptiness
Accolades and praises
Before men’s faces
Craving acceptance
In false worship
Abdicating kingship
For slavery
To my desires
Bring the fire!
Teach me
Instruct me
Correct me
I am asking
For wisdom
To fight skillfully
To not retreat
Into me
I must be
Like You
When I awake
I must take
The Kingdom by force
Mounting my horse
Prepared for warfare
Alert and aware
Watching everywhere
For You
Tried and true
You brought me through
Every battle a victory
As You equip me
Making me willing
To yield
To love’s countenance
As I resist
Lying spirits
Causing them to flee
Nothing can satisfy me
But Your likeness
Woody Winchell


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