Genuine faith gives us a whole new view of what is actually happening and what is ahead. Based upon our hearing the Word of God, faith arises to enlarge our hearts for greater Kingdom capacity. We are enabled to see God’s eternal purpose being acted out even when the atmosphere is filled with darkness. We become part of God’s end time army with vision to march forward with shouts of “Thy Kingdom Come!”
Kingdom march
Forward march
Kingdom march
Forward march
Advance! Advance! Advance!
March forward
Move forward
Go forward
Unstoppable Kingdom
Unmovable force
Push forward
In holy light
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Display your might
Unending power
Taking over
Spreading like water
Over the sea
Glory rising
Darkness fleeing
Warriors marching
The earth transforming
The great restoring
All things new
Victory our view
It’s the wild blue
Of heaven
On earth
New birth
Holy burst
Last show
Here we go!
Moving out!
Shout! Shout!
Charge forward!
With courage
No cowards
Spirit’s power
For the hour
Nothing can stop
Nothing will stop
Mount up!
It’s battle time
All is in line
Set up for war
Never seen before
Open doors
Lifted gates
Who waits?
The King of glory
The Lord of hosts
Coming in
Eager to settle
Mighty in battle
Leading His army
Regaining territory
Sweeping the earth
With righteousness
Cleansing wickedness
One last swoop
Coming soon
High noon
Full day
Brightness on the way
Marching forward
The two edged sword
Leading the way
The New Day
Overcoming night
With holy might
What a sight!!
Ready to fight?
Ready to march?
Ready for warfare?
It’s here!
Renew your focus
Watch and listen
For marching orders
Enlarge your borders
Open your heart
Let grace impart
Holy vision
Of the advancing Kingdom
In you
Through you
A complete view
Of eternal purpose
Up from your slumber
Awake and arise
Prepare for surprise
The Kingdom has arrived!
Woody Winchell


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