The Lamb of God was slain from the creation of the world and is the only one worthy to disclose all mysteries and unfolding destinies hidden in books and seals. (Rev. 5:2; 13:8). Indeed, our lives are hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). The only place where we can discover the real purpose for our life is to inquire at the cross of Calvary, where it is All About Eternity.
What is it
That you desire to see?
That you desire to be?
What makes you happy?
Is it fleeting?
Here one moment
Gone the next
A temporary fix?
What trips your trigger?
Entertainment or relationship?
Accomplishment or deed?
What fulfills your need?
Why are you here?
Just to appear?
Soon to be gone
Short or long
A breath for a song
A gasp or a sigh
All say goodbye
To temporary life
Passing the time
Searching for a rhyme
That has meaning
Beyond this door
There must be more!
What’s it all for?
To exist then exit?
To persist then perish?
To achieve just to leave?
What vanity!
Where is reality?
I can’t breathe
I can’t see
Beyond me
What about eternity?
What about peace?
What about a plan
From love’s hand?
Fulfilling man
From day one
Before we’re born
Etched for purpose
Engraved with impressions
Of God’s nature
Designing our future
We are nurtured
By love
Knowing who we are
Why we exist
What life means
Listening to answers
To all our questions
Solving the mystery
For you and me
What about eternity?
What about safety?
Forever security
Wrapped in grace
Beholding His face
What about simplicity?
No worries
Heaven on earth
Life’s breath
In your chest
Revitalizing your heart
Back to the start
When you were chosen
What about the Lamb?
Slain before time
There’s your rhyme
It makes since
To faith’s inquiries
Checking God’s diary
There you are
His destined star
Fulfilling your purpose
As mysteries surface
Explaining you and me
All about eternity
Woody Winchell


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