There is One Who has promised to come to those who love His appearing. We must ask ourselves what we are hoping in? What are we waiting for? Who are we looking to? Circumstances come and go with a lot of chaos and insecurity. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to quicken our faith so we can bypass the confusion by placing our hope fully in seeing the only One Who is Faithful And True. (2 Tim. 1: 9-10; 1 Peter 1: 13; Rev. 19:11).
We hope
In You
We wait
On You
We look
To You
We hope
We wait
We look
You You You
Your grace
Your face
Your appearing
Your revelation
Your light so bright
Come finish the fight
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Have Your say
It’s Your day
Come and display
Your power
Your wonder
Your thunder
Your lightning
Your shaking
Your rearranging
Your removing
Evil forces
Trampling horses
Leading the fray
Hey! Hey!
New Day
Your way
Faithful and True
Are You
No stopping You
We’re watching You
Our only hope
Our only desire
Come with fire
Consume the land
Consume man
Move Your hand
Establish Your commands
For righteousness
For justice
For holiness
Your presence
In our midst
This is it!
Your coming
Your restoring
Heaven on earth
Planned from the first
Before man
The slain Lamb
Prepared the way
Before creation
The One Foundation
Your redemption
Calling things back
From off track
No lack
In Your Kingdom
Renewed freedom
Joy and peace
All paid for
Fear is no more
We exit death’s door
Looking to Jesus
Coming to save us
While we wait
While we anticipate
His nearing
His Kingdom healing
Beyond our seeing
With natural eye
Behold the sky!
The Lamb crucified
Now returning
Our faith learning
Simple trust
That He’s got us
Under His wings
Our hearts seeing
The essence of hope
The assurance of faith
His face
In all that surrounds
Our faith abounds
Amidst all the noise
We are poised
Ready to break out
With a shout
The King is here!
The way is cleared
Our hope fulfilled
Our hearts thrilled
That we learned to wait
Only on grace
Revealing His face
Looking no other place
We nurtured faith
Having no other hope
But Your appearing
Our ears hearing
The Word of truth
Transforming our view
From death to life
No fear and strife
Based on circumstances
Our heart dances
In love’s arms
Secure from harm
Not alarmed
At passing chaos
Just resting
Through the testing
Of refiner’s fire
Purifying our desire
For one thing
To be an offering
On Your altar
Loving no other
Hoping in You
Waiting on You
Looking to You
Faithful and True
Woody Winchell


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