We are called to seek those things which are above, where Christ is seated on the right hand of God. We must learn to set our affections on things above, not on things on the earth. (Col. 3:1-2). This is an extremely simplistic view which is only seen through eyes of faith that have learned what it means to actually just let our future unfold as we simply look to Our Faithful And True.
Faithful and True
Are You
Thank You
For perfect timing
For all things rhyming
For wild blue skies
Beaconing surprise
Enlightened eyes
Seeing forever
Through heaven’s door
What You have stored
Beyond imagination
All Your preparation
Gone before
Getting things ready
To unfold
In each moment
An endless promise
Overtakes us
As we wait
As we look
With faith’s wonder
Hearing love’s thunder
Deep in our hearts
You impart
Who You are
We see You
Faithful and True
Thank You
For being there
For being everywhere
For being in us
For being our Promise
For being our being
For deep mysteries
Of endless discovery
For full recovery
From self inflicted wounds
For Your healing balm
That soothes them all
For grace that falls
From scarred hands
Providing everything
We’ll ever need
How can this be?
It is so easy
We just trust
You finish us
The way prepared
The path cleared
No more fear
Love is here
Amazing our hearts
With Spirit’s riches
Hidden in glory
Revealing our story
One line at a time
We are Your rhyme
Your perfect design
Like the tree’s bark
Like the flower’s petals
It’s all settled
We just live
Rooted in You
Our Faithful and True
Hiding in secret
Where love is
Where faith lives
Where hope expects
Never disappointed
Covered and anointed
With Spirit’s vision
Simplifying decisions
One step at a time
Line upon line
Faith to faith
Grace upon grace
Running the race
Assured of the finish
Looking to Jesus
Who has gone before
Right through the door
Where all things are new
Preparing the view
Our Faithful and True
Woody Winchell


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