The Truth is a mighty force. It is absolutely unstoppable. It will never be blocked. When all is said and done it will have its full expression. The Truth lives in us to make us that expression. We are set free by the knowledge of the Truth to live every moment in Glorious Spontaneity!
(John 8:32).
I am self contained
And spontaneous
My light speaks
My light sees
There is no ‘me’
To block the flow
Watch me go
Like a river’s current
Totally spent
In glorious expression
No suppression
Just gushing
Freely rushing
With Destiny
I am liberty
Love’s delivery
Oh, the force!
Right on course
Filled with might
Roaring with delight
I am unstoppable
I overcome obstacles
I just keep going
Constantly flowing
In grace
Power’s embrace
Taking me through
I have no limits
Don’t need gimmicks
I am victory
Riding with Eternity
Nothing blocks me
It’s amazing!
I may be delayed
While plans are laid
Deep in my being
Renewing my seeing
So I can navigate
In pure faith
While I wait
For new strength
To go the length
Endurance kicks in
I know I’ll win!
Pressing on through
With single view
My eyes on Christ
My spontaneous Life
Freed from strife
Destined to arrive
In fullest measure
I take pleasure
In the journey
Jesus and me
Meshed with eternity
Flowing freely
I am self contained
I've lost 'my' life
I am crucified
In Christ
He is me
Flowing through me
Appearing instantly
My light lives
I am His
He is mine
I share His mind
My light shines
Rushing forward
Moving toward
All I'm meant to be
Glorious spontaneity!
Woody Winchell


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