It is absolutely headshaking what God knows and understands about us. In describing this all encompassing awareness of God, David said it was too wonderful and lofty for him to comprehend. David realized that his “substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Psa. 139: 1-16). This assures us that God has a plan which He is moving toward, concerning each of us and all of creation. He is always in forward motion and expects us to join Him as our faith discovers the fullness of Destiny’s Calling.
Thank You
For moving forward
Toward destiny
For what You see
From eternity
Appearing clearly
In Christ
Your promises
Yes and amen
In Him
Cannot be stopped
They are unfolding
By faith’s molding
Bringing into sight
What’s been decided
Head shaking reality
Eliminating carnality
In Christ’s victory
This is amazing!
Immeasurable power
Here for the hour
Moving forward
Toward fullness
Can you grasp this?
It’s all planned
From before man
The Crucified Lamb
God’s redeeming hand
He’s got this thing
Sing! Sing!
Open your eyes
To faith’s surprise
You’re about to arise
Shining with glory
You are His story
Finished from the beginning
On Calvary’s tree
Restoring you and me
To glory
Fulfilled destiny
Get on board!
We’re moving forward
Our light is rising
Revealing the surprising
More than imagined
Start dancing!
Let faith in
You win!
Christ in you
Your hope of glory
Your full story
Appearing soon!
At high noon
In the full day
Of holy brightness
You are His likeness
Arise and shine!
It is time
We’re moving forward
Toward our reward
Fulfilling His purpose
In all the earth
Spreading Christ’s worth
The precious Lamb
Flooding the land
Through His redeemed
It’s nothing ever seen
Or heard
It’s the Word
The Worthy One
Taking His place
The fullness of grace
Living among us
Unending brightness
Sweeping creation
Through a holy nation
His Church
His Bride
Pure inside
Knowing her design
Knowing her purpose
Healing the earth
Glorious rebirth
All things new
Keep moving!
Forward we go
We are aglow
With Spirit’s wonder
We are thunder!
Reverberating His voice
We are His choice
To perpetuate love
Continual flowing
Going! Going!
Moving! Moving!
Always forward
Toward destiny
Beyond what we see
All around
We are bound
By faith
For faith
We anticipate
Faith’s reality
We refuse carnality
Filled with vision
Divine perception
Empowers us
From heaven’s throne
We go!
We don’t hesitate
We can’t wait!
For unbelief
For earthly grief
Holding us back
We’re on the attack
Look at that view!
We’re moving through
Our Faithful and True
Leading the way
It’s His day
Seen from the beginning
Christ’s ultimate winning
Let’s keep moving!
Forward toward glory
Fulfilling faith’s story
Always responding
To destiny’s calling
Woody Winchell


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