The Shulammite Bride was listening for her Beloved and He responded to her desire, inviting her to “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come along..” (S.S 2:8-10). She was being invited into an ongoing passionate filled dance of discovery with the Lover of her soul. As we listen to the Voice of Love, we too will be drawn into unending discoveries in union with our Beloved Bridegroom. The call is going out. The invitation is clear. The music of romance is sounding. Let’s Dance!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
To dance with You
In Truth
To let loose
Of me
Twirling with eternity
Gloriously free
You and me
One entity
One purpose
Over earth’s surface
Pleasing the Father
Embraced in grace
Living by faith
Moving through the day
In perfect step
I am swept
Off my feet
Christ in me
Becomes my existence
Lost in the dance
Of two lovers
There is no other
Just me and You
A single view
Face to face
Swirling through grace
Such beauty there
Not one care
Is allowed
Peace abounds
Beyond understanding
Two lovers dancing
Far above the natural
Where freedom lives
Where Truth is
Where simplicity thrives
Where glory shines
Where joy abides
Deep inside
Where secrets lie
Where hope reclines
Resting quietly
Awaiting discovery
By faith
Dancing with grace
Ignited by love
Songs from above
Reaching the heart
The hidden part
Where music plays
Already arranged
By love’s hand
Before we understand
Before we see
Anything naturally
We believe
We receive
What faith speaks
We don’t need
Our own cognition
Of depleted ammunition
From hardened hearts
We need trust
Bringing to us
The surety
Of faith’s purity
Absolute security
In not knowing
Anything but Truth
Being loosed
From fear
The music clear
We wait here
With listening ear
He’s calling you and me
To utter simplicity
What do you hear?
Our Lover draws near
Time for romance
Oh! Oh! Oh! Let’s dance!
Woody Winchell


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