The Lord is working all things after the counsel of His will for His eternal purpose. The administration of the mystery is unfolding before our eyes as all things are summed up in Christ and the manifold wisdom of God is made known through the Church. We have been His plan all along to rise and shine with the glory of the Lord in the midst of gross darkness. The Church will be the manifestation of God’s full purposes on earth as we press on to know and understand our Strategic Wisdom. (Eph. 1:10-12; 3:8-11; Isa. 60: 1-3).
Wisdom arise
Strategic might
Strategic power
Strategic strength
Wisdom arise
Fill the skies
Eternal purpose
Plan of the ages
Wisdom’s pages
Unfolding the story
Strategic glory
Flooding the earth
Planned from the first
The Lamb slain
The strategy plain
Redeem man
Before he is born
Plans laid
Before anything made
Wisdom’s foresight
Providing light
Out of darkness
Before the fall
He saw it all
The way prepared
Before it’s there
Holy blood shed
Awakening the dead
Light over dark
Life over death
Strategically kept
In wisdom’s bosom
For the conclusion
Of the story
Summed up glory
Presented in Christ
The Word alive
In all creation
Every nation
Shining with purpose
Christ in us
The Father’s wisdom
From the beginning
Now appearing
Hearts thrilling
Beyond amazing
Everything gathered
Through blood splattered
Love’s sacrifice
Grace strategized
Bringing all together
Under one healer
One Lord
One God
One King
Ruling everything
By light
By might
By power
By strength
The eternal key
Unlocking liberty
Revealing the plan
To equip man
For Kingdom reign
Filled with Him
Ruling again
Over garden beautiful
Just like the original
Before rebellion
Restored dominion
Now in place
Face to face
With Father’s strategy
Moving strategically
Establishing reality
Under one Head
Risen from the dead
Preparing what’s ahead
Wisdom’s strategic plan
It’s all unfolding
Strategies for going
Revealed in knowing
Wisdom Personified
Joining the Crucified
Burying all lies
We strategize
Wisdom arise!
Woody Winchell


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