God told Joshua to get ready to cross over into the promise land. He described all the territory that had already been determined to conquer and guaranteed that no one would be able to stand against him, promising him that God would be with him and would never leave or forsake him. He then told Joshua twice to be strong and very courageous (Joshua 1:1-7). These are our same marching orders for today. It is time to cross over into the full promises of God as we fulfill our assignments to advance Kingdom territory. We are part of His end-time plan to make all things new. Let’s Seize the Hour!
Thank You
For the transition
To the new
For the new
Thank You
Hey! Hey! Hey!
For the New Day
The righteous way
All things new
Grace our view
Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!
We see
We are gazing
On exaltation
Christ the King
Ruling everything
Through His people
Ready to rumble
Like thunder
Bringing darkness under
His dominion
Replacing opinions
With Truth
Setting captives loose
Once and for all
Let’s roll!
Let’s go!
Move out!
Shout! Shout!
Hey! Hey!
New Day
On the way
Let’s ride!
Mount up!
Army of God
We’ve got assignments
Holy commandments
To establish order
Advancing Kingdom borders
Reclaiming territory
For eternal glory
With courage and might
Time to fight
Spread the light
This is bright!’
So bright!
Blinding bright!
Trembling fright
Shaking the wilderness
The Voice of the voiceless
Thunder clapping
Storms brewing
Creation renewing
Here we go!
The last show!
Saddle up!
Your white horse
Spirit’s force
Carrying us
Into the battle
Already won
Already done
More than conquerors
Let’s have fun!
Replenishing the earth
Announcing new birth
Spreading the worth
Of our King
In spirit and truth
His arrows true
Hitting the mark
Like lightning bolts
Causing a jolt
To awaken creation
From deep sleep
To strike deep
At evil’s core
Removing the source
Of darkened slumber
Judging the murderer
Ending his terror
We’re moving over
Capturing our land
Promised to man
From the beginning
Before sinning
Before pain
Time to regain
What was lost
Christ our cost
The Worthy One
The work done
The fight won
Thank You
For the new
For vision true
For faith’s report
The land is ours
Seize the hour!
Woody Winchell


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