Romans 12:2 tells us, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Our natural man wants to look for approval instead of approving God’s perfect will in our mind and heart. As we grow in faith, we learn how to not look for our identity from the pattern of the world. This renewing of our mind is a product of an ongoing revelation that we are Uniquely His.
I look for approval
I stare and compare
At worldly enticements
To find who I am
I prod and search
The dust of earth
For my uniqueness
In disappearing obliqueness
The wayward course
Of self satisfaction
Never content
Deviously bent
From righteousness
I lose my likeness
To Christ
Looking at lies
I forfeit life
I absorb deceit
I suffer defeat
Looking for me
In others approval
In achieving recognition
In winning competitions
I sow to the wind
My hope dissipates
Nothing remains
But vain glory
Investing my story
In fleeting dreams
I scheme
To get an identity
Always promoting me
In fear of insignificance
Staring into death
I find weakness
Looking for uniqueness
In dry places
Worldly faces
Putting me down
I am a clown
Playing the fool
With carnal tools
Working the flesh
To go and get
Disguised as success
Setting the trap
For total collapse
Into oblivion
Man’s opinion
Swallowing me up
I take the cup
Of poisonous pride
I gladly ride
This false thrill
I hit bottom
A sudden jolt
Like a lightning bolt
Takes me down
I look around
No one there
To compare
Light fills the air
I am still
Truth has my will
My mind is renewed
I’ve been to school
Learning hard lessons
About God’s presence
About who I am
About the Lamb
About being crucified
To find my life
Hidden in Christ
Nothing outside
Can satisfy
I quit trying
To be somebody
To find my identity
In worldly matters
Where thoughts are scattered
In unbelief
I receive
My new mind
Conformed to Christ
Under control
Yielded and still
He is my thrill
Created in His image
Redeemed by His likeness
Uniquely His
Woody Winchell


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