We are called to be perfect and holy just as our Father in heaven is perfect and holy. Fortunately this call is based upon His nature and character imparted unto us through the grace of redemption and not upon our own weaknesses which fall short of this mark every time. Try as we may, we will always be led into a stark realization of our desperate need for the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the all powerful mercies that flow from His Unending Riches!
(2 Cor. 7:1, 12;9; 1Pt. 5:10; Rm. 6:22-23).
Richly! Richly!
Made all things to me
You’re all I need
I have everything
For life and godliness
You are perfect
I am perfect too
You are holy
I am like You
In every way
Restored by grace
Created in Your image
Redeemed and finished
In Christ
I am alive!
No limits
Covenant promises
Are mine
Every time I turn
Every time I learn
From my weakness
I am kissed
By acceptance
I am cleansed
By water and blood
Flowing from His side
The Crucified
Pouring His life
Into me
Meeting me
In my need
Comforting me
Healing me
Lifting me
Into eternity
Where I am free
Knowing Him
The One so true
I am new
I quit striving
To achieve recognition
To be anything
But His
I live!
By His essence
Needing no acceptance
But His
Nothing to prove
Nothing to lose
I have died
Crucified with Him
Raised again
I win!
Without trying
Eye to eye
With redemption
My flesh silenced
I hear His voice
I am His choice
For resurrection
From death’s limitations
In my failure
I am perfected
I am elected
By faith
I see His face
I am changed
From glory to glory
His never ending story
Of extreme care
Not leaving me there
In my weakness
Imparting righteousness
Extreme strength
Overtaking me
In my inner man
Victory at hand
Kingdom reality
Defeating carnality
Every time I turn
Every time I learn
The hard lesson
I press on
For life abundant
For covenant promise
I am His
He is mine
My life defined
By perfection
Love’s acceptance
Reaping holiness
From sown weakness
Unending riches!
Woody Winchell


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