The Church is “the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way.” We are God’s holy people who have been given incomparably great power, the same as the mighty strength that raised Jesus from the dead and placed Him in the heavenly realms, “far above all rule and authority, power and dominion.” We have been sealed with the precious Holy Spirit, who guarantees our inheritance until the fullness of redemption. This fulfillment is to be put into effect when the times reach their fullness, when all things in heaven and on earth are brought into unity under Christ (Eph. Ch. 1). We have reached that appointed time for the Church to manifest as God’s instrument to bring glory to His name in the whole earth. The world has always been in His hands and it is now time for those hands to bring the healing grace of His Touch.
We trust
We trust
We trust
In You
It’s in Your hands
You’ve got the whole world
In Your hands
We trust
We must wait
Living by faith
Hoping in grace
Which can’t disappoint
We must join
Faithful hearts
Being set apart
For holy use
Ready to be loosed
In a righteous wave
Mighty to save
Emptying graves
We must believe
We must receive
Power for the hour
Watching at our tower
Expecting Your appearing
The hills revealing
Your very present help
Just in time
Sweeping the land
With Your hand
Awakening man
To Your reality
Addressing carnality
Exposing foolishness
With a true witness
Full of trust
Strong and robust
In Spirit’s light
Carrying Spirit’s might
Equipped for the fight
With You in sight
Oh, the delight!
Oh, the surprise!
When You arrive
Cutting down to size
Arrogant man
Your swooping hand
Working Your plan
From the ages
Turning pages
Your fingers moving
Revealing destiny
Enthroning the King
Establishing order
The Lion’s roar
Fear no more
Christ is here!
Living and true
In me and you
Spreading the news
In Spirit’s power
Transforming the hour
In quick turnaround
Peace abounds
The new sound
Fills the atmosphere
Love is here
In all His glory
His prepared story
Unfolding before us
As we trust
In His faithfulness
Like little children
Seeing Father’s face
Taking Father’s hand
Obeying Father’s command
To love Him
With all our heart
To let grace impart
Simple trust
He created us
He redeemed us
He will restore us
To His original plan
Moving His hand
Across the earth
Through the Church
His holy instrument
Sharpened by the Spirit
Executing judgment
In a dark land
Bringing reprimands
Announcing mercy
Love’s purpose
Rising to the surface
From death’s domain
Alive again!
The whole world
Healed and restored
Through God’s word
Living through a people
Separated from evil
In deep trust
Administering His touch
Woody Winchell


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