The ‘church’ has hunkered down. There are too many clowns in foolish pursuit of evil’s bounty. They gather momentum causing great schisms to break apart society. They lost sobriety, intoxicated with greed, they can’t see truth or love. The things above enrage them. They are on the attack, sensing the hour to deploy false power, to deceive and trick with beguiling ploys. They play with toys to amuse their pleasure. They are immature, stuck in self, cold and indifferent with a false front. That painted face hiding the disgrace of dishonor and shame as they defame every godly thing. They are evil’s offspring infiltrating every part of the heart of culture. They are vultures, feeding off ignorance of God’s purpose; allowed to surface because of complacency in so called ‘Christianity.’ The light meant to be went out, without a shout of resistance. Loving worldly existence, the church joined the circus, enamored by the tricks, looking for kicks. Now getting the boot. No weapons to shoot back so we hunkered down, just watching the clown entertain us, destroying our image, removing our flavor, no salt on the table. We’re hiding underground…way underground. Nowhere to be found while darkness abounds.
What’s that sound?
Is that a trumpet?
Can you hear it?
It’s a war cry!
Awake and arise! There is a remnant who have not bowed to Satan’s crowd. They are aroused. Ready for war. They are prepared. Armed by the Spirit. They are equipped to wage the battle, to attack hell right at its gates. They can’t wait to engage in holy warfare. They are poised there, ready to break out with a shout of righteous anger. No more hiding. The Church is arising! No more compromising our first love. Devotion’s boldness has gripped us. We are warriors, lovesick and equipped. Ready to strip principalities and powers, pulling down towers of false rulership with our worship. In spirit and in truth we move. Transforming society into peaceful sobriety; recognizing God with clear vision, healing divisions in every area. Restoring America!
Woody Winchell


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