There is a soothing sound in the air. It is the sound of reconciliation of hearts. It is the healing sound of forgiveness and deliverance from hardness and bitterness toward one another. It is a beautiful song of a new season of hearts returning to love and being set free from long held resentments and anger. It is time for the spirit of Elijah the prophet to appear and reunite relationships in this end time Beautiful Reconciliation. (Malachi 4: 5-6)
Beautiful Beautiful
Beautiful reconnection
Of hearts
Divided apart
For so long
Reliving wrongs
Bitter and cold
Hurts untold
Just buried
Under self protection
Walls of rejection
Surrounding relationships
With lying whispers
Between brothers and sisters
Between husband and wife
Such strife
Between fathers and children
Time for reconciliation
Poured out love
Healing from above
Breaking through
Anger and hardness
Softening deep stubbornness
With one touch
From Spirit’s supply
The Crucified
Seen and heard
The forgiving Word
Dark understandings
In light’s glory
Rearranging the story
Through deep awareness
Of holy forgiveness
Of blood shed
To rectify wrongs
Only songs
Of reconciling
Self love dying
On the cross
Unforgiveness lost
In a sea of red
The blood shed
To bring together
Under the Savior
All hardness gone
A new song
How can we blame?
Delivered from shame
I have no rights
To continue a fight
I am crucified
Forgiven and free
No bitterness in me
To hold a grudge
To not budge
In self focused rage
I’ve turned the page
I don’t remember the winter
I’m in a new season
Christ is my reason
I cannot hold anyone
To my perception
Of wrongs done
Of hurts inflicted
I’ve been acquitted!
Now mercy flows
Wherever I go
It’s natural
It’s who I am
In Christ
I am surprised
By the Spirit’s moving
Searching and removing
The old man
Bold in his stand
For wounds received
Quick to repay
Day after day
Wearied and weak
In the lying seat
Of judgment
Coming back to haunt
Reaping what is sown
Sorrows and groans
The times have turned
Hearts reborn
Spring on the horizon
Beautiful reconciliation
The curse lifted
Forgiveness gifted
Hurts healed
The covenant sealed
Christ revealed
His love burning
Hearts returning
To one another
Sisters and brothers
Husbands and wives
Hate won’t survive
Between fathers and children
A massive connection
Is coming soon
From darkness and gloom
To full bloom
Beautiful Beautiful
Love so bountiful
Killing self protection
Beautiful reconciliation
Woody Winchell


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